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Affordable Sleds @ Brass Balls Bobbers

Darwin Motorcycles has created a line of affordable bikes under the label Brass Ball Bobbers.

Building Affordable Bobbers

The new machines are described by the company as “The above average bikes for the average Joe.

The Oklahoma-based company was founded by motorcycle designer Dar Holdsworth and master builder Sam Wills (a former Top Fuel Bike builder, tuner and racer).

The intention of Brass Balls Bobbers is to build high-caliber bobbers that are unique, and yet at the same time affordable.

The range of three models are built at the company’s 10,000sq.ft. multi-purpose manufacturing facility in Oklahoma City, with the option of Harley-Davidson Evo, S&S Shovelhead or re-engineered Indian Power Plus engines.

The H-D Evo engine is the firm’s value-priced engine.

The team at Brass Balls Bobbers feel that everyone who wants a custom bobber should get one, and they have built a bike that has everything that you need, and nothing that you don’t, at a smokin’ price.

The reason we can deliver such a sharp and creative motorcycle at such competitive prices is because of the economies of scale that are built into our manufacturing process.
– Dar Holdsworth, President and Master Designer

Engine choice is not the only option given to customers. The Brass Balls Bobbers website offers an online build option list that calculates the final build price depending on the fit and finish options selected by the customer. As Dar says: “We encourage our customers to be involved in the development of their bike using our ‘build your bike’ section on the website.”

Brass Balls Bobbers are Federally licensed, Kelley Blue Book listed and warranted.

Somebody could own a Harley, or they could own a really unique Brass Balls Bobber, custom built yet manufactured with a VIN and everything.
– Holdsworth

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