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The Base Line Bad Ass Bobber

The Fast & The Frugal - Model 1

Everything You Need and Nothing You Don’t

Industry Vets weigh in on their feelings about Brass Balls Bobbers’ new 2009 Model 1 motorcycle. We hooked up with a number of the movers and shakers at the V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati, OH to judge their reaction to our latest Digger Bobber from the Brass Balls stable.

The initial reaction was that we blew them away… Offering so much custom stuff for so little. High quality components that integrate into a perfectly balanced Digger that looks good, sounds good and pumps out the smiles per miles!

The Right Bobber @ the Right Time

Chris Maida checks out the $15,995 Model 1 Chris Callen of the Cycle Source talks with Dar
Chris Maida of American Iron Likes the Model 1 Dar provides details to Chris Callen of Cycle Source
IronWorks Magazine reviews the Model 1 Cyril Huze  hangs with the boy from Brass Balls Bobbers.
Dain of IronWorks Decided to Give One Away Cyril Huze Likes the Model 1 Quality Components

Reduce your cost, reduce your carbon footprint and reduce your time… We are all looking for alternatives to do more with less. The Model 1 embodies our current realities. It is a custom production motorbike that provides over 50+ mpg, reduced cost of insurance and enhances your commuting fun factor.

Everything You Need and Nothing you Don't - Model 1

Get Your Freak On!

2009 - Model 1 is just $15,995
Call 405-270-0995 for Your Model 1

    I’m amazed that Dar hit the $15,995 price point with all the quality features… It’s a lot of bike for the money.
    - Chris Maida Editor American Iron Magazine

    As a Custom Builder, if I would market a Bobber Series, I could have created a custom like the Brass Balls Bobbers Model 1. Pleasing the eyes and made to ride”
    - Cyril Huze

Proud of the Model 1 Motorcycle
The Model 1 is a Classic Hottie

The Model 1 Custom Production Motorcycle - Premium Model 1 Components
Custom Production Motorcycle @ Only $15,995

    It’s a great looking bike with a big box of high-end parts built into the package at a very reasonable price.
    - Edge, The Smoke Out

Everything You Need & Nothing You Don’t

Henry Ford said off his Model T, "You can have any color you want as long as it is black!" It’s the same with the Model 1.

The idea… to deliver the most amount of motorcycle for the least investment – to give you everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Brass Balls Bobbers’ Model 1 – Quality High and Options Low

This bike stays true to our mantra… "The above average bike for the average Joe”

    We just want to ride. Money’s tight, so here’s a bike to take you where you want to go, and when the cash flows you can add flames or whatever you want. But in the meantime, you’re riding class, goddamnit.
    - Bandit

What do You Get for $15,995? Quality
The Right Price at the Right Time

Premium Model 1 Components

The Model 1 is value priced but does not skimp on the premium components that keeps the rider ahead of the pack.

    • Motor: H-D 80" EVO natural finish
    • Exhaust: Black ceramic coat D&D Performance Enterprises
    • Primary: Tauer Machine Warlord belt drive
    • Brakes: Wilwood performance 4 piston front and rear
    • Hand controls: Excel
    • Tires: Metzler ME 880′s (front 21" x 90mm & rear 16" x 150mm)
    • Frame: BBB Digger frame 36 degrees, 0" up, 0" out

Technical Specification of the Model 1


    • Year: 2009
    • Make: Harley-Davidson
    • Model: EVO
    • Displacement: 80 C.I.
    • Carburetion: S&S E
    • Air cleaner: S&S teardrop
    • Exhaust: D&D Performance Enterprises


    • Year: 2009
    • Make: BAKER Drivetrain
    • Gear configuration: 5 speed
    • Primary: Tauer Machine 2" Warlord
    • Clutch: Tauer Machine
    • Frame
    • Year: 2009
    • Make: Brass Balls Bobber
    • Style or Model: Standard
    • Stretch: 0 up, 0 out
    • Rake: 36 degrees

Front End

    • Front end: 2009 Springer
    • Length: 2" under Standard

Sheet metal

    • Tanks: Darwin Motorcycles/BBB
    • Fenders: Darwin Motorcycles/BBB
    • Oil tank: Darwin Motorcycles/BBB


    • Sheet metal: Model 1 Midnight Wrinkle Black
    • Frame: Model 1 Midnight Black

Front Wheels

    • Front: chrome 40 spoke
    • Make: Darwin Motorcycles/BBB
    • Size: 21" x 2.15"
    • Brake calipers: Wilwood 4 piston
    • Brake rotor(s): Darwin Motorcycles/BBB
    • Tire: Metzler ME 880 Marathon 21" x 90MM

Rear Wheels

    • Rear: chrome 40 spoke
    • Make: Darwin Motorcycles/BBB
    • Size: 16" x 3.5"
    • Brake calipers: Wilwood 4 piston
    • Brake rotor: Darwin Motorcycles/BBB
    • Tire: Metzler ME 880 Marathon 16" x 150MM


    • Foot controls: Darwin Motorcycles/BBB
    • Master cylinder: Darwin Motorcycles/BBB
    • Brake lines: Darwin Motorcycles/BBB
    • Handlebar controls: Hawg Halters
    • Finish: Chrome/Polished
    • Clutch Cable: Darwin Motorcycles/BBB
    • Brake Lines: Darwin Motorcycles/BBB
    • Shifting: Darwin Motorcycles/BBB
    • Kickstand: Darwin Motorcycles/BBB


    • Ignition: MSD
    • Ignition switch: MSD
    • Coils: MSD
    • Regulator: Darwin Motorcycles/BBB
    • Charging: Darwin Motorcycles/BBB
    • Wiring: Darwin Motorcycles/BBB
    • Harness: Darwin Motorcycles/BBB
    • Headlight: Bobber style
    • Taillight: Dual – 2 Inch Rocket Lights
    • Accessory lights: Signals
    • Electrical accessories: horn
    • Switches: yes
    • Battery: Darwin Motorcycles/BBB


    • Seat: Darwin Motorcycles/BBB
    • Mirror(s): radius arm retro chrome
    • Gas caps: Darwin Motorcycles/BBB
    • Handlebars: Darwin Motorcycles/BBB
    • Grips: Old school black rubber
    • Pegs: Darwin Motorcycles/BBB
    • Oil filter: Darwin Motorcycles/BBB
    • Oil lines: Darwin Motorcycles/BBB
    • Fuel filter: Darwin Motorcycles/BBB
    • Fuel Lines: Darwin Motorcycles/BBB
    • Throttle: Darwin Motorcycles/BBB
    • Throttle cables: Darwin Motorcycles/BBB
    • Fasteners: Darwin Motorcycles/BBB

    “The Brass Balls Bobber Model 1 is the very essence of our bikes, explained Dar Holdsworth,” Brass Balls Bobbers’ Bossman. “Built with no compromises, the Model 1 delivers outstanding performance using racebike quality components and inspired by the cool no nonsense bikes of old. This bike accelerates, turns and stops in a manner that rival performance cars.”

NHTSA Manufacturer

Darwin Motorcycles, manufacturer of Brass Balls Bobbers & Choppers, is a registered & licensed NHTSA Manufaturer and listed with Kelley Blue Book and N.A.D.A. services. Our bikes are easy to finance and insure.

Call 405-270-0995 for more details.

Cycle Source Likes the Model 1
Chris Callen of Cycle Source Finds the Model 1 a Good Fit

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