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Chopper Chicks Love Brass Balls Bobbers

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Megan, our first Chopper Chick, certainly liked our motorbikes. She really made them standout.

A while back we found a folder of her pictures that were lost in one of our moves. The following video was created from those pictures and is a tribute to Megan and her enjoyment of our Digger Bobbers.

The Lost Photographs of Megan

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

The Lost Photographs of Megan

Megan Is Found

After moving our offices we found a number of old photographs of one of our biggest supporters, Megan. Not only did she love how a Brass Balls Bobbers’ Digger felt, she looked good on them too! Checkout Megan’s Gallery Set on Flickr. (more…)

Photos From Our Friends Abroad

Friday, April 11th, 2008

Military Pics From Iraq

Several months ago I was contacted by a soldier in Iraq, SSgt. Damon Fairchild, who asked me to design and build a bike for him. I was and am still honored. (We will publish the build in the next month or so.)

Through emails and calls I have developed a relationship with him and a number of other servicemen.

From time to time I send over posters, banners and t-shirts to the guys and gals over there. Every time we send out a care package I am reminded of my days in Dessert Storm.

And one of the things that stands out and meant so much to me were the care packages that included basic things (which we take for granted) or something that reminded me of home.

One of the benefits of staying connected has been the pictures from the troops. I share them with you and will keep posting them as they come in.


Brass Balls Bobbers Shows a Little Love

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

Megan Goes To Iraq

From The Battle Front:

Dar Holdsworth, President of Darwin Motorcycles and manufacturer of Brass Ball Bobbers and Choppers, sent a little love via Megan’s banner to the enlisted men overseas. They sent a note back and said:

We love the chassis… and the bike’s not bad either, it’s adding a lot of style and needed color to the bare walls.

The team at Darwin Motorcycles salutes you. Stay safe!