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Fuel Injected 69 Chopper!

Presenting our very first fuel injected 69 Chopper. What’s cool about this is… it’s all hidden. The challenge was to create a fuel injected bike and hide all the additional wiring as well as the ECU box. That is no easy task… and I’m not going to tell you how we did it. But rest assured, it’s very cool (and classified). This bike is headed to our dealer in Shanghai, China. In addition to the fuel injection system, there are some other cool new features on this bike, such the ISR hydraulic hand controls with integrated fluid window. There is a separate center brake LED as well as low dim running red rear lights that blink amber for turn signal indicators. There’s even a steering neck lock (that was no fun). All in all, the months of prototyping have resulted in what you see here. We think our customer will be very happy with the performance. We know he loves how it looks. To see about having a bespoke bike built for you, check out our bikes page and custom configure your bike.

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