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Piston-Helmet Derby Covers for Harley Davidson

Our Piston-Helmet Derby Covers for Harley-Davidson and Custom Bikes are now available. This long awaited design has been in the build que for some time now. The Piston-Helmet Derby Covers were designed several months ago but only recently have been produced. They are so badass! The machines are running non-stop turning out so many new
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Gold BBMX Foot Pegs and Their Back Story

Gold BBMX Foot Pegs are here, and they are amazing. As much as we’d like to jump right into the Gold BBMX foot pegs, perhaps first we should recap the original BBMX pegs and tell you a bit about how they came to be and their design inspiration. We never did a post about our
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The Last Rocketeer Available Ever. Make It Yours

Yes this is the Last Rocketeer available. We first developed the Rocketeer in 2009. At that time we were branching out and diversifying our model line up. We felt the Rocketeer was a modern, yet timeless design that was an alternative to the traditional bobber. It has stood well on it’s own, but has also
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Brass Balls PBR Chopper For Our Troops : Recap

We built a Brass Balls PBR Chopper ¬†And raffled it to support our troops! We collaborated with PBR, yes iconic Pabst Blue Ribbon, to create a promotion that would raise awareness and funding for our veterans. We decided on a Brass Balls PBR Chopper, but not just any Chopper. This wasn’t to be one of
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Custom Motorcycle Parts By Brass Balls Cycles.

There are so many things to update you one… really cool things, like cool custom motorcycle parts. So much has transpired over the last year or so. We’ve been cranking out custom parts and custom motorcycles and cranking out a whole new version of Brass Balls Cycles. What we haven’t been doing though is telling
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Has it really been that long?

  Has is really been that long since we’ve done a blog post? The answer is yes. What’s been going on in motorcycle skunkworks? Our head has been buried in the sand so to speak. Not really. But it might seem like it. We’ve been working quite hard without coming up for air. If you
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We've Been Busy.

Yes, we’ve been quiet for a while… and we’ve been quite busy too. Full disclosure, we got behind on some customer bike builds. We are happy to report we have made right with each customer and are back on track. There is nothing more important to our business than our customers, and we appreciate them/you
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$1,000 off Complete Bike Kits

It’s that time of year… the time for parties and ugly sweaters… DON’T FALL INTO THAT TRAP. Put down your eggnog and pick up your wrench. It’s time to start your bike build. We’ve got everything you need to get your project started. And, right now you can save $1,000 on a complete bike kit
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Veterans Day

We are truly grateful to our active duty, reservist and veterans, men & women, who serve in the US armed forces. Thank you.   If you see a soldier in uniform, please be encouraged to thank them for their service.

Customer Bike Kit Progress

I love getting pics from our customers who are building their own bike using our bike kits. Each person has a unique style that is represented in the bike they design and build. This customer selected our Bobber kit. However, he already had a power train as well as some other parts. So he did
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